The Social Impact Management Planning tool outlines a strategy to identify, monitor and proactively react to ongoing social impacts of large-scale industrial activities.

The SIMP defines a process to identify and manage social impacts with involvement from relevant stakeholders, thereby providing strategic planning benefits for municipal planning, private sector industry and local residents alike.

For municipalities, SIMP serves as a tool for predicting and planning local development related to large-scale industries, while it is valuable for private sector industry in obtaining and maintaining broad community acceptance and support for the project. For local residents, SIMP provides opportunities to air concerns and participate in developing local strategies for the future.

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Case: Social impact management in Northern Finland

The mining industry is booming in Northern Finland. This creates new opportunities for some of the rural communities in Lapland but also raises environmental and social concerns. Sodankylä Municipality recently adopted a mining programme aimed at ensuring sustainable development of the local mining industry. The REGINA SIMP is a key element of the new programme, as you can see in the case story.