What happens if a new mine opens, a new industry is developed or an old one dies out? How can a remote, sparsely populated community respond to major socioeconomic changes like that? And what tools are needed to prepare for and handle such a challenge?

Join us at the flagship conference of the REGINA project in Rovaniemi on 11 and 12 September 2018, to get answers to these and many other questions to the challenges faced by small Northern and Arctic communities. The conference is free of charge, but individual costs will include travel, food and board.

“How do we create local strategies that embrace the unique development opportunities and challenges of northern sparsely populated areas?”

 For the past three years REGINA has developed a platform of tools and know-how on how remote and sparsely populated communities can better prepare themselves for large-scale developments such as e.g. new mining projects or energy sector initiatives. 

Such changes create many opportunities, but proper strategy must be in place to ensure that the positive potential is realised and negative outcomes are avoided.

Based on the widely used concept of local smart specialisation, Regina has developed a framework for setting up local strategies to maximise resources and avoid potential conflicts when faced with such challenges, to better anticipate future developments and retain business benefits in the local community.

The REGINA flagship conference will include hands-on presentations of some of the tools developed by the REGINA project as well as key notes by leading politicians and practitioners. It will also present case studies and experiences from a number of municipalities and other partners in the project, hopefully inspiring you and your local community on how best to tackle future development challenges. The conference includes the option of going on an excursion to the Sodankylä Municipality and Boliden Kevitsa mine on 12 September. Please plan to arrive on 10 September.

The final programme can be downloaded here (pdf).

Practical information

Local empowerment in a global economy -

value creation and consolidation in remote, resource based communities

For any other information, please contact Johanna Saariniemi  johanna.saariniemi@ulapland.fi +358 40 484 4351

Info from Visit Rovaniemi: https://www.visitrovaniemi.fi/plan/getting-here/

Link to Google map for location of Arktikum: https://goo.gl/maps/kZBGyRY9CR62

Link to Arktikum’s home page: http://www.arktikum.fi/en/home.html

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