What are the opportunities and challenges that arise when a large-scale, resource-based industry moves into a small, remote community. And how is such a community affected when an industry closes down?

The REGINA project has developed a Local Smart Specialisation Strategy model (LS3) that enables municipal planners to assess the demographic, social and economic impacts of resource-based industrial development. The LS3 model provides strategic planning tools that enable communities to seize the opportunities of the industrial development and avoid unintended consequences.

“Planning and development tools for small-scale communities with large-scales industries” 

REGINA – Regional Innovation in the Nordic Arctic – is funded by the EU as part of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme. The project has been managed by Nordregio, an international research centre for regional development and planning established by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Read more about the entire LS3 framework here or study the tools and case stories below.



Demographic Foresight Model 

The Demographic Foresight Model helps planners foresee demographic impacts on the population of the opening or closing of an industrial project.

Social Impact Management Plan 

The Social Impact Management Plan outlines a strategy to identify, monitor and react to the social impacts of industrial developments.

Local Benefit Analysis Toolbox

The Local Benefit Analysis Toolbox provides tools to help maximise the local economic benefits from large-scale, resource-based industries.



Explore your future population

Read about local experiences with using the REGINA Demographic Foresight Model.

Social impacts of industrial development

Hear from people working with the social implications of major socioeconomic changes.


Bring business to your local area

How can you ensure business benefits from a changing industrial landcape?


“The REGINA DFM has been very useful for our municipality because of its forward-looking planning approach.”

– Jimmy Lindberg, Storuman Municipality


“The Social Impact Management-toolbox has greatly helped us to work together with the local community and mining industry to develop plans and solve problems.”

– Mr. Pekka Tuomivaara, Former chairman of the Sodankylä Municipal Board